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We operate in a unique way, understanding the requirements of modern business.


KR Group is an independent, fast-growing accounting and auditing group with an international reach. Our head office is located in Warsaw.


For over sixteen years we have been providing professional services in accounting, tax, audit, legal advice, payroll and human resources.


At present, we have over 120 staff in the team. Our managers have gained experience in the major accounting and consulting firms.


Currently, we work with international clients that are the leading players in their industries, such as real estate, retail, manufacturing, investment funds, IT, gas exploration and extraction, automotive, FMCG, – in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe.


We strive to ensure that our work is permeated each day with trust, understanding and a spirit of partnership. Therefore, if you are planning to start a business in Poland, or in one of the countries in the region, we can help with the complex registration procedures, or assist in acquiring an existing company. This means that you can instead focus from the very outset on managing your business.


We understand the requirements of a modern business. We are here to help. Try us out!

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Unique client approach

Unlike most accounting firms, in which responsibility for each client falls to a dedicated employee, our clients have dedicated teams working for them. Each team is supervised directly by a management board member or partner. This approach ensures the highest level of service.


A statutory auditor authorised in Poland and the UK, a member of ICAEW and ACA holder. He worked as an auditor at Deloitte in London. His international career developed further through his move to Deloitte’s Warsaw office, in 1996.
At that time, he oversaw audits of the leading investment and manufacturing companies operating in Poland. Later, he served as Financial Director of publisher PWN.
Two years later, he and others founded the KR Group. Currently, he is the managing director of KR Group.

Tad Robinski

Partner & CEO


Member of the National Chamber of Statutory Auditors.
Due to having worked at Warsaw’s Deliotte branch, he has gained extensive experience in auditing financial reports of the largest local and international companies operating in the following sectors: industry, trade, construction and services.
He has worked with the largest Polish investment funds, KGHM and Kampania Piwowarska (SAB Miller).
In 1998, he co-founded the KR Group and currently heads its audit department.

Andrzej Kuligiewicz

Partner and Director of the Audit Department


Member of the National Chamber of Statutory Auditors
He served as manager of the Warsaw branch of Deloitte. He examined the financial reports of manufacturing, trading and service companies for compliance with local and international IFRS and US GAAP standards.
In the KR Group, he is responsible for the accounting department’s smooth operation.

Tomasz Szwed

Partner and Director of Accounting Department


Our mission is to provide support in our clients’ development and achievement of success.

Our mission boils down to answers to questions about what we want to achieve and how we can do it every day:


  • Achieving a leadership position through professional services tailored to market needs and delivering them to carefully selected clients.
  • Offering professional services provided by qualified, appropriately supervised and motivated staff.
  • Recognising solutions where others see problems.
  • Treating the client’s business as our own.


Real Estate


Investment Funds






Financial Services


Government and public sectors

Infrastructure and transport

Entertainment and media


Technology and Telecommunications


Our experienced team is able to meet even the most sophisticated of expectations. Given our team’s extensive background, we can guarantee a comprehensive approach, ensuring continuous anticipation of clients’ needs.

Bookkeeping services are the bedrock of our daily operations. We provide them to Polish and international accounting standards.


In addition to accounting services, KR Group provides clients with management reporting and financial analysis that is tailored to their specific requirements. Our accountants are experienced in working with demanding clients, also within holding groups, which helps to ensure management reporting meets the needs of clients both in formal terms and those of substance and taking into account clients’ deadlines. We prepare all financial and management reports in accordance with international standards, such as: IFRS, US GAAP, UK GAAP and FUND GAAP.


We have implemented a flexible accounting system which helps us manage our clients’ business in a situation where the legal regulations governing them are subject to constant change.


Anita Supel

Accounting Manager

T: (+48) 22 262 81 51

KR Group is, first and foremost, a well-functioning team of VAT specialists who provide assistance with VAT to foreign companies that are based in the EU or outside it, but are registered for VAT purposes in Poland. All team members are fluent in English.


Our work in this area revolves around registering clients for VAT purposes in Poland, verifying invoices and VAT registers drawn up by clients, and preparing, signing and submitting VAT returns.


The client’s role is limited to sending us the source documents – we do the rest.


Our work in this area over the past few years has given us a leading position in the market. We estimate that our client base covers about 25% of all non-EU companies registered in Poland.


Renata Organek

VAT Manager

T: (+48) 22 511 72 23

If you need assistance with running the payroll in your company, we offer comprehensive services in calculating salaries at local and international levels, while optimising tax burdens.


We also help in the following areas: drawing up contracts, computing payroll, preparing tax and social insurance returns, keeping personnel files and working time records, thereby fully satisfying your HR department’s requirements.


Sylwia Kwinta

Payroll Manager

T: (+48) 22 262 81 15

Our clients benefit from the knowledge and experience that we have gained over many years working in multinational corporations and at the Big Four consulting firms.


We aim to provide clients with the information they need to take management, financial and tax decisions and to support them in selecting the optimal option and in the full implement of the chosen solution. We can provide strategic advice, assist in project management and provide continual support in fulfilling the daily financial and tax duties of an enterprise.


We run specialised and interdisciplinary projects. We support clients in analysing benefits, jointly developing optimal plans of action.


We deliver a range of specialised services for the benefit of our clients including, among others:

  • Transactional advice on mergers and acquisitions and capital restructuring of enterprises;
  • Assistance with tax in terms of investment and current activity;
  • Advice on transfer pricing, including tax planning (development of a transfer pricing policy and analysing the comparability of a selected business model) and drawing up transfer pricing documentation in accordance with the Corporate Income Tax Act;
  • Help in securing VAT refunds;
  • Support in dealing with tax authorities and representing clients in tax inspections with respect to the tax authorities and administrative courts.

Daniel Więckowski

Tax Manager

T: (+48) 22 511 71 29

Our experts from the Corporate Services Department support Clients in all aspects related to the corporate governance and compliance.

We provide our Clients with the top quality assistance at each phase of the business activity. We facilitate the process of entering the Polish market by incorporating a SPV, a Branch or another appropriate business structure. Moreover, we offer an assistance in ensuring the compliance with applicable statutory regulations as well as the Company’s internal policy. We also support Clients who decided to wind up an activity in Poland by assisting in the liquidation proceeding or a sell of the Company.

We offer our expertise and the professional support in all situations our clients might face while conducting the business activity. We assist in performing all corporate changes such as a change of the board members or partners, increase of the share capital or amendments to the articles of associations.

The close cooperation of the Corporate Services Department and the Tax Department, ensures that the solutions we propose to our Clients are optimal from both: the legal and the tax perspective.

As part of this service, we offer off-the-shelf companies established in advance for quick resale, with shares that are sellable within 24 hours.


We offer limited liability companies fully registered for tax purposes and equipped with active bank accounts (in PLN and EUR).

Our audit department comprises staff of the highest calibre who have specialised in verifying companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. We also work with companies that operate in other Central and Eastern European markets and are listed on the London, Moscow and Paris stock exchanges.


We support our clients in mergers and group restructurings always with a view to optimising the flow of capital and reducing the group’s tax burden.




ul. Skaryszewska 7

03-802 Warszawa, Poland


Tel.: (+48) 22 262 81 00

Fax: (+48) 22 100 65 14



Al. Grunwaldzka 82

80-244 Gdańsk, Poland


Tel.: (+48) 58 767 77 50

Fax: (+48) 58 767 77 51


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